When a customer issues a purchase requirement, notification to supplier(s) is automatic and mostly in electronic form. Based on the setup, vSRM solution can send email notices, even text messages to cell phones of the suppliers/buyers. vSRM system can be setup such that purchasing input/output is processed automatically within pre-defined parameters. Otherwise, intervention may be required before proceeding to the next step. This tool is extremely useful when there is a daily MRP output creating exception notices, i.e., expedites, cancels, delays, quantity changes, etc. that requires immediate attention.

Another exceptionally useful benefit of vSRM is about receiving. Many times, receipts are incorrect due to data entry, incorrect labelling, package or supplier identification, incorrect pricing of items, quantity discrepancies, etc. These conditions require immediate attention, otherwise not only they don't get to be reported, but never will have a chance of correction. vSRM solutions provide immediate corrective actions by means of generating Returning Material Authorization (RMA), or material review request, corrective action form or whatever the process calls for. Many times these forms are part of escalation process that automatically generated and progress is recorded under supplier performances. Reporting Supplier performances is a breeze in vSRM solutions. Both supplier